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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Site Thanks

The summer has been long and full of many activities. From living in Hawaii training for the upcoming ski season, to quick jaunts over to the Atlantic for photoshoots. It seems to be non-stop!!! One thing I have been working on is putting together my first web site!! Nymansworld.com And I have to say it has been some hard work. Thanks to my good friend Pete working long arduous hours till the weeee of the morning to get out to the public. It has been a lot of fun though. Ideas seem to spawn out of nowhere or you stumble upon people who are more than willing to give suggestions or provide some help. I would like to thank P Money, Jules, Mike Schnider, Blake (Doobus) Nyman, Freedogg, Michael Spencer, Scottretes, Selko, Ralf, Christian Huber, and whomever else who has planted some seeds within this thick skull of mine.

Time to sleep