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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Leo The Magician

We are half way thorough the prep period with the team. Currently we are in Chillan, Chile getting back on the speed sticks!! Everyone is skiing well and healthy. It is great to see several people back from their injuries. Bryon Friedman is back on snow and ripping. It is Impressive to see how he has come back and the balance he has on his boards. Jeremy (Worm) Transue is sliding around and loving it. The attitude of the team is high and everyone is excited.
Several guys are on new equipment along with myself. I am full Fischer product now, boots, skis, and bindings. It was a tough swich from Nordica, they provided me with great support and I thank them. Also I have factory support by the name of Leonhard (The Magician) Mussi! Leo was Kristian (Gedos) Gehdinas tech for 16 years! After Gedos retirement, Fischer has enough confidence in me to provide me with The Magician. Thus far it has been wonderful working along side the man. He has a wonderful sense for skis and knows what sort of materials work well in what situations. It is also exciting to be apart of the developement of the speed skis for the future!
This is a different world for me. Somthing new and exciting. Everyday I am learning more and more.