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Friday, July 27, 2007

Lookin Euro

Yes that's a rat tail, beware! HAHA! I've had it for a while but not as long as my bro, Blake. He's been sporting one for a while and I cut one just to mock him but ended up liking it. So I told him I would keep it until he came home from the great white north. Well he has delayed his arrival but it is final, he comes home tomorrow! I get to see him for an hour before I fly out. JUST GREAT!! Any who maybe we will have a ceremonial rat tail cutting? If I were popular enough I would post it on YouTube so everyone can watch, kind of like the political debates. I have had several ideas of what to do with it.

I can keep it and hang it from my rear view mirror?
I thought of selling it on Ebay and giving the money to charity? (Someone will probably buy it and sniff the hair like the crazy guy on Charlies Angels)
Or I will send the left over hair off in the wind from atop a New Zealand mountain?

Either way I will document via camera and give you guys an update. Which do you choose? Now I can see if anyone actually reads this blog?