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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Lots of news!
To start out with Sochi was awarded the Olympics!!! yeah! They were
my pick and Im super excited to go there. It could be a great place
to end my career. The Mountains are huge the area looks amazing and
Russia has always interested me.
Second, I have been training hard for the past few weeks and I am
feeling very healthy. I feel like my body is coming back to the
balance it requires to win.
Next, I just go t back from a trip to Oregon. While I was up there I
spoke to some kids and got them fired up for their summer ski
training and I also got to ski myself. I then proceeded to the
west coast and kite surfed the Oregon coast from Astoria to
Rockaway. It has to be some of the most beautiful land I have ever
seen! The north westerners don't want me to tell you that though
they just want you to stay away. (I will update the blog w/pics soon)
Last but not least. I want to bid farewell to Mr. Bruno Kernen. He
was a great competitor and person, always fun to talk to. He always
had a different mood wherever he went. I have seen him super
serious, scared, full of jokes, acting like an old man!
I will miss you Bruno