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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back on TOUR!

I'm Back on Tour and it feels good. Today was funny, I was extremely nervous! My summer training was cut short and I basically a 1/4 of the normal prep period I am used to, so I was standing in the start pretty nervous. Not really knowing what to expect, I was guessing how I was going to handle the course set here and the different snow. The training I have had until now basically consisted of flats and fairly easy snow. But I made it down in one piece and I wasn't that bad either!

The course crew here in Lake Louise have bucked up this year. Rumor has it that someone said the course here has been really easy the past few years. In response the crew injected the majority of the course with water and they enhanced some of the terrain features. Which makes the course a bit more difficult and fun. I kind of wish they kept it a little easier because of the lack of training I have had. But I'm not worried.

Today was good, I was feeling good while I was moving down the course. I have to iron out some timing issues but I am comfortable on my long boards and feel I can push my limits a lot further. I have a lot of room to improve.

My knee felt fine while skiing today, but is a little tender tonight. I will see how it feels when I wake up tomorrow morning. I think it is something I have to deal with through this whole season and defiantly have to gut it out these first few races because I tend to do well in them and want to do well in them so I can get the Olympic qualifying thing out of the way and I can just concentrate on my skiing.