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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NZed time

Currently I am in Mt. Hutt, New Zealand training SuperG and GS with the speed team. It has been good thus far. Before Mt. Hutt we were in Queenstown training some GS and SL. Yes SL!!! Steven Nyman slalom version 2.0 is coming out! It was feeling good. I actually made my first two runs down the course without missing a gate and I was skiing well. I have some bugs to work out and it will take time, but I do still have my sights set on some slalom and some combi races.
It is funny though, I have so much I want to do with my skiing but I only have a certain amount of energy I can exert each training session. We have been doing double sessions each day on the hill but I have to discipline myself and work on my GS. It is the basis of all skiing and I need to create my foundation there. When I was skiing my best speed I was also skiing my best GS.
It has been feeling great since I have been down here. My body is responding well to the pressures I am putting upon it and I am feeling stronger and stronger. I am gaining a ton of weight too! I'm 101 kilos! That is the most I have ever weighed and I am still feeling athletic being as big as I am.
I will try and keep everyone updated on my progress and adventures.
A brief update since I haven't blogged much this summer. But I spent June and July in San Diego training with John Adams and World Renegade. He did an amazing job of putting me back together and making me feel like an athlete again. Thank you John, Lisa and Bill, Tony, Patty, Roya, Drew and the whole Renegade crew.
I learned some bad news about a week ago. John was headed up to Mammoth Mtn, CA to bring four of his athletes to some high altitude training, when their car flipped. Two of the girls died. John, Drew and Derek survived but are fighting in the hospital right now. May some thoughts and prayers go out to them and their families.

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