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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all from the town of Bormio nestled in the middle of the Italian Alps. Christmas to me is a weird holiday, or I should say has been a weird holiday over the past several years. I spend it in Europe with the team, in Bormio usually. And we usually have a pretty good time. But I do miss my family, the christmas tree, all the delicious american food (the european isn't bad either), egg nog, and bad sweaters.
My Christmas usually consists of a little skiing, which is a tradition of my family and I try to keep alive (maybe because its easy) then some hockey with the Canadians which is always a good time. Followed by an incredible dinner at a resturant in Bormio which I still don't know the name of. We eat a 6 course meal and trade gag gifts while the whole time bantering back and forth to each other. Its a lot of fun. Then christmas day is pretty much the same but we have a Team USA dinner at Hotel Alu, and then open gifts from our teammates.
This year along with last we were fortunate to receive a ton of snow so we got to ski mid thigh deep powder half day. Not too shabby!
It would be safe to say this has been my best christmas so far in europe. But I do miss my family and friends. And I do wish them and you all a Merry Christmas

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