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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let Time Pass

I would have to say these few weeks before our final on snow training camp are the worst weeks of the year. All I want to do is ski but I have to restrain myself and keep working on my physical shape. It has been a fun few weeks of burning legs, lack of breath, puke on your shoes, lots of food and deep sleep at night but the problem is all I can think about is skiing! I have to fill myself with patience with all of the snow that fell in Utah. There were rumors of waist deep powder up at Alta (which I didn't take a part of because I can't find my freeski gear). Just a few more days and I am back on snow in Colorado.

It has been a good couple weeks though. A lot of hammer sessions in the gym. On thursday we had a strongman comp. Which involved 250lb carry relay, mega tire flipping, sledgehammering, weighted wheel barrel runs, and a military press comp. I would have to say I was feeling pretty strong until we got to the military press event (i was the first to bow out). The session included a lot of involuntary yelling along with some good camaraderie. It felt good to get out of the gym and tackle a few challenges.

Hopefully I can survive these next few days.
Happy Halloween

Steven (AKA Luke Skywalker)