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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Southern Utah Adventures!

Southern Utah!!! Oh how wonderful. It has been a long summer and I havnt been able to make it to southern Utah yet! Until now. Over the weekend my family had the opprotunity to go to Capitol Reef National Park near Torry, Utah. Where is Torry, Utah you might ask? Well its in the middle of nowhere and it is a hidden little treasure. SO STAY AWAY!!! haha just kidding go and check it out. It is amazing. There is everything there from high mountain peaks, alpine lakes, red rock, waterfalls, biking, hiking, kiting. The leaves were on their last legs but there were still some vibrant colors!

My brother, Lindsey Hale and I went on a 4 hour bike adventure through the lands of Torry and the Fish Lake national Forrets! What a feast for the eyes. We rode the velvet ridges and broke off up into several canyons just to explore.

After the biking the winds were light and steady, just perfect for a little dry land kite sesh! kiting is a work out!!! But I was having too much fun and was out in the hayfields flying until the sun went down! Our day was one big none stop adventure! Waking up the next morning to pooring rain was a dissapoitment on the activity side of things but Tannys Buckwheat pancakes were sure delicious! Thanks Tanny!!