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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heber Heart Attack

Heres the goods-Hash browns, Tennessee sausage, two eggs over easy and several slices of cheese. Cook the hash browns and sausage first because they take a while, then move the sausage over into the hash browns. Fry some eggs in the old sausage grease and throw a little

salt and pepper on top and your golden.
This has been my breakfast for the past couple mornings. My little brother Blake wouldn't be proud because he's a herbivore (which occasionally eats burgers, so maybe he would take to it). but it don't matter its tasty!

As for everything else. I am home and done for the season. While I was in Europe I got an MRI and I have a bruised patella, which was causing quad tendentious. My goal is to be healthy for this summers whole prep period, (which hasn't happened in years) so if I get my rest now and heal up I will be ready to go in May when our first ski camp starts in Mammoth, California

Oh yeah and my Brudda Michael got a dog with his Wifey Lindsay, a golden retriever.  He's a little hellion but wont leave my side.  I want to get me one, but that would be a little rough traveling.  My family used to have a golden retriever when we were kids, Randy was his name. Best dog ever, he was stolen.  But he has now returned in mini form.