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Sunday, November 29, 2009

1st one down Next up BOP

Done with Lake Louise. The beautiful lady has never treated me well but one day she will. It was good to ski a full length World Cup. My body needed to know what it has to take. It is definitely sore, I have only trained on a 1 minute Downhill on soft snow. Then jumping into 2 minute icy bumpy course was a shock! My butt was super sore but my body is adapting and getting stronger and stronger every day. I am also feeling more and more balanced on my boards. I just need to start pushing myself and not worrying about the mistakes. I also need to trust myself and know my body can handle what I put it through.

My thoughts go out to T.J. Lanning and John Kucera for speedy recoveries. It is always tough to see guys go down. I have been through my fare and know the battle it is to get back on the horse. He has been through too many injuries and doesn't deserve this, nobody does, but he just can't get a break. Send all your support his way. You can follow T.J. on Twitter at TheLanning. Send him your love.

I wish da weather was this good all the time in Lake Louise.

Kicking out of the start of of the Lake Louise Downhill. Started from the top this year.