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Monday, August 23, 2010

Change of Pace

New Zealand is done! It has been a great training session down here! For one, I didn't hurt myself! I had a couple good crashes (hooking a GS pannel at 30-40mph) with a few bruises but nothing major. We experienced a lot of different snow conditions and course sets. Best of all I am weighing in over 100k! (220lbs). World Cup flat sections here I come.
While down here we had some races. Our team got together and had the Kiwi cup where Erik Fisher and Andrew Weibrecht were 1st and 2nd, I was 3rd. From the Kiwi cup we went back to Queenstown and raced in some FIS GS races at Coronet Peak. I hadn't raced GS in three years! My points had become horrible (79 horrible) but luckily there weren't too many people here or else I would have started in the way back! Instead I started #47. Finished 20 something with a lackluster performance. I thought I could just ski well to do well,which wasn't true. I skied beautifully but SSSSSSSLow. GS is a different event, you have to go for it. In speed events you are more tactical focused. In GS it comes down to how much you charge. I guess I forgot this! haha Hey Im still learning at my old age.
Now I am headed to Portillo, Chile for Spyder's 2001-12 line shoot. I had the opportunity to go to Denver and see the Ad campaign, it is going to be awesome! I am stoked to be a part of it, I have never been a major part of an AD campaign. I am also excited to go to Portillo to ski some of the surrounding Andes mountains instead of just training.

Til then