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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Peanut Butter Hockey Time Peanut Butter Hockey Time

A little over a week ago our team got together and participated in a group hockey camp. We divided the group into two teams the White, and Black then started learning the basics of hockey. The whole show kind of followed the line of the Mighty Ducks movie. We were all in shab gear, burrowing others equipment, barely able to stand up and after one sprint down the ice we were sucking in air like we just ran a marathon. For the start of the camp w all bought goo gear and looked like we were ready to check each other into the boards.
Our goal was to have a full on hockey game by the end of the week. And we did just that. I felt like we exceeded our expectations in talent and competition. I heard the game was fun to watch as well. When we play hockey in season and it looked kind of like a 8 year old soccer game where all the kids would follow the roaming puck. For this game we were actually spread out, making passes and running plays.
I'm proud to say my White Team (Team Casa Blanca) came out victorious!!!

Nice Canadian Flag Eh!