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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry christmas adam, eve and day

I'm here in bormio, italy. Christmas morning listening to the old church bells. Its not too shabby. People may think its a bummer that we don't get to go home for christmas but I enjoy christmas over here. Your not so bombarded with the american commercialism of christmas. It is a lot more simple over here. Christmas is more about gatherings, family, friends, relaxing and some good food than buying more and more and more stuff. Although we do have a funny gift exchange here every year which I do enjoy. People muster up some pretty funny gifts.
Well merry christmas to all and all I want for christmas is a powder day when I get home.
P.s. I never blogged about our us ski team showing in gardena. That was pretty cool to have half the names announced at the medals ceramony american. We now need the win so they can play the anthem.
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