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Friday, December 05, 2008


The DH is over and so is the streak of American podiums in the DH.  It was a crazy race today.  congrats to Aksel.  An incredible performance.  He has always been comfortable on this hill and to come back after last seasons crash here and win the thing is awesome.  
You could see how much the Americans wanted it today.  We were all charging and risking it knowing that if we got away with it we would be on the podium.  Bummer for Bode, Marco, Andrew and Worm.  But for the rest of the guys we had a good showing.  We were all in the top 30, with Fish finally scoring his first World Cup points.  Congrats to Mac, seeing him back in form was awesome, he's going to be a force once he becomes comfortable again.  
Im pleased with my run.  I had a few mistakes but all in all I thought it was a good place to start this season, a good rebound from Lake Louise.