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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas in November

Every fall right before the season we receive our bag O' goodies from the US SKi Team and Spyder. It is always an exciting time of year to tear open all the new stuff and try it on. Its like Christmas before Christmas. But we on the ski team really don't get to have a normal Christmas because we are usually in Bormio prepping to race in a couple of days. So this is our Christmas I guess. This year it was Nov 18th. New Speed suits new jackets, hat, gloves, pants...... too much stuff for the current Airline baggage fees. Im a simple man, I 
travel with one jacket and one pant and pray I don't get too cold.
This seasons gear is a step up. I have had a little say on what goes on with the product we receive. One of the hats we received this year was my custom Beanie the S.N.R.T. the Steven Nyman Racing Took. They used to give hats that never fit my gigantic noggin but now I have one that fits and they ended up giving it to everyone. It is a multi faceted beanie that you can change into several different hat models so it never gets old. I also feel it breaks in well it becomes better with age, I received the first model last year and still wear the same one. Its nice and thick to keep you warm in all conditions. If its too hot all you have to do is roll it up and wear it sailor style. I dig my first signature item.