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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Canada

The season is beginning.  FINALLY!  It seems like forever.  All of our prep, summer training on and off snow is about to pay off.  I feel like I am prepared and my body feels great as well.  Im fire up to race!  It seems like the past few weeks I have been trying to make the time fly by as fast as possible.  
We just finished our training camp in Copper MTN, CO.  We skied DH and SG almost every morning waking up at 5:45 and then got in a GS session in the afternoons.  It was a lot of work but good work.  I feel ready for the season.  
Currently Im in Lake Louise running the training runs for the DH.  The mountains prepared the hill well and there is good coverage.  The snow is firm and rattly.  They injected 60-70% of the course.  
It is always great to ski with other teams and see where you stand next to them in the prep period but we didn't have that opportunity this summer so the first training run was a good indication of or speed and Im happy to say were on point and ready to compete with the rest of the teams.  
The first training run I skied well, had a few mistakes and tried a couple different lines.  I felt comfortable on the hard snow and it felt great to finally get on a World Cup surface (ICE).  Today I had a couple of mistakes again but had some bright points.  We have one more training run to test different things then it is race time.
I had a pretty good article on UniversalSports.com hit today.  Go read it.  But I want to confirm a couple things.  I think the author painted an incorrect picture of Bode.  He made it sound like he never helped anyone out on the team which is highly false.  Bode was a great asset to the team.  He just never was around.  So some things were taken out of context there.  
Happy Thanksgiving