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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Back up north

After Beaver Creek I had the decision to go to Val Disere for one SG or head back up to Lake Louise for two Nor Am DHs and one SG. Seeing that I am currently ranked 189 in the world in SG I decided the latter so I can work on my points so I will have a better World Cup start position.
The previous two world cups went well. I skied well but wasn't willing to throw it down the hill. I was hesitant and not too comfortable. I am trying to gain confidence. But I came into them with little expectations, just trying to gain miles on my boards.
The decision to come up here has been a good one. I am getting my feet back under me and this is a great hill to do so. The course is still in great shape after the two World Cups and the weather has been and is supposed to be great this whole week, nice and sunny and cccccccold, -31c cold.
I have been feeling pretty good. My focus is just refining my movements and to continue moving over my boards. I am skiing well and balanced and I am becoming more and more comfortable on my skis so now it is time to try and find that extra speed. Basically I have to become comfortable enough to start moving down the hill more and be willing to go faster and faster. No more hesitation, it is time to charge!
It is also great to be up here with the young up and comers on the US Ski Team. Their passion and excitement is motivating and contagious. The young guys and gals are simply stoked to be skiing and they are eager to learn which makes it fun for me, because not only am I an example but a teacher as well. It also helps me recognize how easy we have it on the World Cup Tour.

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