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Monday, October 30, 2006

Ebay Movement???

This Ebay thing has taken off a little more than I expected. The buzz has got around with a little effort from myself and the help of many many friends! I just want to thank you all for passing on the word and I hope you stay tuned with the auction!

One of the main messages I would like to spread with this project is to help people know what we as US Ski Team athletes and Olympians sacrifice, to attain our goals. From a young age we dedicate our lives to our sport. Sometimes this entails picking up and moving out of your house before you are twenty! This is a common occurrence on the ski team. Kids get up and move out to chase their dream. But they chase it with little support and funding. It is hard to make it in this business if you are trying to juggle a job with working out, ski training and traveling! Skiing is our job! I may sound spoiled here complaining about having to ski year round world wide. This isn't a four year occurrence either. We are out there every day working trying to maximize our potential, trying to reach new levels of fitness and mental fortitude. I may sound cocky here but skiers and snowboarders in general are very confidant people. It may have to do with being let go by your parents at a young age to go explore a mountain? Or it may be because we have to muster up courage every time we hurtle ourselves down a mountain. But what I am getting at is that skiers are strong, approachable, likeable, interesting people and I think a head sponsorship is a worth while investment.

In recent years it has been tough to gain a head sponsorship in skiing. Companies haven't been willing to put forth some cash to help support athletes. The economy may be down but I think it is a decent investment. The businesses and athletes can get creative with this and I think it would be worth while. Hopefully there is an Ebay Movement!!!