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Monday, September 17, 2007


Yeah been a while. Here's a little update.
Congrats to whomever guessed the Mt. T road. good job, my strand of nappy hair probably flew away by now.
Right now I'm in Chile catching up with the ski world.
The weather has been tough, we have got a couple of GS days under our belt but anytime we go for speed the wind and fog gods reign upon us!
My bodies feeling good and I am skiing pretty well. I need to work out a few kinks. My ski load hasn't been as heavy this summer so I need to make the best out of what I have.
I will say one thing about skiing. It has to be the coolest thing on earth. Really, I love watching my teammates rip around the mountains. We push our bodies to some amazing extremes. I think if I had never witnessed skiing and I one day stumbled upon a bunch of folks sliding and flying down a mountain on some wooden sticks I would be amazed.
Alright gotta go, time for dinner. I will post pics soon