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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back At It

I'm back in the great land of America.  Peru was incredible and full of stories from taxi drivers hitting people, to mind boggling Inca ruins.  But I need to track my photos down, 4 gigs of them, and sort them out before I post them.

Currently I am in the 2nd Annual Hockey camp the US Ski Team holds for the men's team.  We are working ourselves in double hockey sessions every day and on Monday we are going to have the final game.  They say team bonding is why we do this camp but personally I think it is because we are sick of getting whooped by the Canadians when we play in the winter.  And I can say our skill improve each day on the ice along with the lump I have in between my foot and shin from lace rub in my skates.  If anyone has any pointer on how to treat this, let me know.