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Monday, June 02, 2008

Up and Rollin!

The Nyman Clan before the plunge

Summer training is underway and it feels good to finally push my body.  After being in the trunk cast through the spring I was becoming quite agitated.  I have to say my body feels great and it is responding quite well to the loads I have put on it.  This past Friday Per (US Ski Team Trainer) put Me, Ted, Cody, Schlopes, and Will through a grueling single leg explosive progression.  It has been a long time since I have felt this sore, but I enjoy the feeling, it means progress.  

This summer I am going to be sticking around Utah and training.  I bailed on the Maui program.  It involved too much travel and not enough consistency.  It was either move there or not.  I chose the latter.  I believe in where I am headed with the Ski Teams program and Per knows his stuff.  It is great to work with him once again.  

Over the memorial day weekend my family and our good friends the Tolberts made our way to Southern Utah to hike a slot canyon called the Black Hole.   The Tolberts and the Nymans met down there so this was a sort of reunion type trip.  You usually hike the canyon when it is 100 degrees out but it happened to be 70 which isn't good because a little over half way through the canyon you plunge into 45 degree water and swim for 500 meters.  When you reach the end you usually bask in the sun and warm up but there was little warming up to be had.  

Ursa Major 2:30 AM..couldn't sleep, I was so amped to be down there

Nymans don't follow the rules, especially my Pops

What a gentleman that Blake is

Now that's team work

3 minutes before submersion.