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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I hope I don't prematurely post this but I thought it was hilarious.  You have to be a JAZZ or NBA fan to appreciate it. Look at T Mac's face he looks like an awkward 10 year old kid! haha
I also have to give my props out to Charles Barkley! The man has and will always be a JAZZ fan. He has supported us through the thick and thin. If someone asks me who my favorite person on TV is, it is definitely Charles and the rest of the TNT team. Those guys keep the entertainment coming long after the game has ended.  
I guess this whole post will be about the NBA. The other day I met the one and only John Stockton. I guess I can say I am another testament that he is the MAN! He is super humble, very gracious and kind. It was a pleasure meeting him. I used to imitate him and Malone in my drive way shooting hoops as a kid. Playing off some pick and roll situations in my mind.
Enjoy the pic of T MAC