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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back In White

After Six weeks of cast time I am finally back on snow.  And the back is feeling great!  It is incredible what time off does for you.  My mind and body are feeling ready for some work.  

I guess I am following Blakes footsteps through Mammoth, but with less adventure and more regimented training.  (Lots of one leg skiing, balance drills, slow paced proper movements)  No Moon of Endor expeditions but we will make our way to the hot pots today for our day off.  

Its good to be back with the boys and it seems like they are all on point with their skiing.  I'm impressed with the skiing I am seeing all across the board.  Watch out for the young kid Tommy Ford this season, this kid can ski.  I was also impressed by Friedmans skiing.  He looks balanced and is moving well on his new Fischer set up.  

I have no shots from this year yet so I will refresh some memories with some of last years day off adventures.  

Stuck Van

Puddle Van

Jump Van   (BTW the van is still kickin like a champ)

Not so smart