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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back Tube

I'm currently sitting here in a trunk cast.  Its fantastic I tell you!  Actually it does make me feel better.   I had a bulging disc out to my right side which was giving me some weird muscle sensations.  I didn't have any pain near the end of the season but I did feel weak. 
Now I am in this CAST!!  To get the cast outfitted I basically had to be hung by my neck.  The Dr. put this brace around my neck then I had to slip my arms through these sheep skin loops and he lifted me off the ground.  I was suspended in the air for 15 min with my arms above my head and I could barely touch my toes to the ground.  This put me in an extended position so my back would be in constant traction while wearing the brace.  Dr. West then proceeded to cover my torso in several layers of padding, plaster and fiberglass.  He put me down and I couldn't feel my arms for about 3 minutes! By having my back in this position it allows the bulge to sink back in and heal in the proper position.  I can walk around and perform my daily errands which is nice.  Even though I sweat and cant move too well I feel good.  
Here's to a good recovery!