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Monday, August 11, 2008

Dia tres

Were snowed in but we are getting some good TV time in and enjoying the Olympics.

I have to give it to the Olympians.  Mr. Phelps is impressive, he seems to be toying with all the other athletes.  His individual performances thus far have been incredibly impressive.  And then the team 4x100 freestyle race was come from behind a nail biter.  I thought we lost it for sure but the French bonked at the end.  Incredible!  It is amazing to watch the prelims to the swim events.  When Phelps wants t put on the gas he does and then blows by everyone.  

It is interesting being down here watching the Olympics from Chiles point of view.  They have the defending champ in both tennis events and are really big into equestrian.  I also think they are strong in the sculling events.  

Im trying to embed some videos but it seems as if NBC has constant filtering of youtube and isn't letting out any of the race footage.  LAME

Hasta Manana