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Monday, October 27, 2008

Its underway

The ski season has started!  I was so fired up this weekend to watch some ski racing.  The first races happened in Solden, Austria.  With some surprising and not so surprising results.  On the womens side I thought the Americans would have a better showing, especially Vonn, but I thought she was holding back a bit.  Congrats to Megan McJames though.  She has always been a ripper from when we were growing up on the PC Ski team.  I think it is a great result for her, especially being 3rd in the second run.  Also Congrats to Jitloff for finally breaking into the top 30.  Hopefully he can find some consistency and start pushing for a better start position.  He skied well.  A little wild with the arm but kept charging and putting the skis in the fall line, kind of like me.  Ted is showing he going to be a tough contender which was good to see.  But the most impressive person was the Austrian Philipp Schoerghofer.  The kid is NASTY!!!  I didn't get to watch his first run but his second was awesome.  Once he learns to control himself he's going to be dangerous.
Alright thats my recap of Solden, now Im back to killing time until I can ski.  
Oh yeah check out Universalsports.com ski racing is on there and its FREEEEEEE!  No more $5 a month for my cheap pockets.