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Friday, October 24, 2008

Push More

I'm not one to criticize, I'm jet setting all over the world but I try to do my part when I'm home.  I really liked this vid, its on point.  
A question that always goes though my head is, would you rather want to get to know something really well or know a ton of things vaguely?  I ask myself this with my hometown and surroundings in mind.  A couple of years ago I set out to find some new things in my home town.  I would go bike up into the hills, search gullys, climb mountains.  It was really cool.  I ended up finding a lot of cool stuff.  I even found an old barracks from 1856 when Johnsons army was coming into Utah.  Not many people know of it.  It was grown over with bushes and weeds but there was a plaque on it stating what it was.   There was a lot of history inside that rock embankment.  And if I stayed inside my car and follow the common paths I would have never found it.  
So I keep going back to my question and I tend to lean toward the getting to know something really well side.  
go ride a bike, skate through the streets, slow down and look around you.