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Saturday, March 28, 2009

RIP Shane

I was at my parents house a couple days ago and I found these shots from my youth.  The three brothers with a Wild Thing (I'm so stoked for this movie).  Michael pulling one of the classiest daffys I have ever seen.  The brothers dressing up.  Michael showing off what he's got and me trying to take care of Blake, which I still do.  These shots brought back some good memories.  We had a good youth.
Also I heard some sad news two days ago.  Shane McConkey, a hero of mine died performing a stunt in the Italien Dolomites. He died doing a ski base stunt his bindings would release when he was in mid air.  One of the skis didn't release and sent him into an upside down flat spin so he couldn't pull his chute.  
Shane was one of the most influential skiers of all time.  From ski design to ski style he always kept renovating. The ski world will miss him.