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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Great Basin Loop

I just arrived home after making the Great Basin Loop from Utah to Mammoth up to Tahoe back to Utah.  It was a good little 4 day journey.  The day before I left Bryon Friedman gave me a ring and joined in on the ride.  The purpose of the drive was to help out at the Mammoth ski team fundraiser but we found a lot more along the way.  Heres a photo story of the journey.  

Flying through the desert.
Got hungry in Tonopah, the star gazing capitol of America.  Got some gas, found some flannels and pearl snap shirts up the road then finished our stop off with a meal at Ciscos.  Burritos and Milk shakes.
Inside was an old Commando arcade

It was a Tonopah record setting performance but Friedman wasn't satisfied. 

Heres the fundraiser's course.  I couldn't ski so I sat at the bottom and coached.  I got to coach Jeremy McGrath.  I made him wear a DH suit for the race.  It didn't help we got knocked out in the first round.  

Dana Greenwoods dog, forgot his name, Barker maybe?

Ran into this cat out near the hot pots at Mammoth.  After submerging ourselves in mother natures sweat pours we saw him working in his trailer so pulled over and checked out his program.   
His name is Mike and he makes skis.  Not just any old skis he makes them in 3 hours and he does it without a press.  He was out there letting his skis cure in the sun. 

Not a bad view

The lab, 
The goods.  Check them out at 333skis.com.  All of his skis are made in the USA by his hand.  He focuses on leaving a tiny carbon footprint.  The skis seem really solid.  You can custom build your skis, give him your dimensions and he will make it happen.  $333 per pair.  A reasonable price by a reasonable guide. 

We then headed to the Pammysitas casa for a night.  We chilled, played some uke (me) and guitar (friedman).  Im a hack just started learning but I'm getting there.  

Its always good to see my mother of the snow.  Here she is with her pups, Bear, Kiva Rose, and Johnny.  Thanks Pammy and I hope the ribs get better.