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Monday, September 20, 2010


The weather report is Mon snow, Tues, snow, Wed snow, Thursday snow, Fri high winds. But today we woke up to blue skies as far as we could see. When we arrived the vibe amongst the tech team was bleak. They instantly bailed to go to Queenstown to try and scrape together some training, but the WE, the SPEED TEAM! Decided to wait it out....the result 3 days of skiing in 3 days and today looks fantastic! It could be a little soft but we will work it out. Today will be our first day in the gates, probably a double session, SG and GS.

All the best to the tech boys down south. I'm bummed I wanted to train with them for the first time this summer. Hopefully they gain some patience and return to their roots so we can enjoy each others company!!! Haha

Here's a few shots of the past couple days. I found the black and white setting on my Blackberry which has been fun. A little football, windy lifts, and good views.

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