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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hiking the Streif First Attempt

Recently I made my way to Innsbruck. I had never been to Europe in the summer and I have to say it is paradise! Sooooo green everywhere, there is so much going on and you are surrounded by tons of history. I really enjoyed my time there and while I was there we decided to try and hike the Hahnenkamm.......TRIED
After roaming around the finish area for a while we finally found the trail, but we didn't like the trail because it didn't go up the DH course. So Julia and I decided to bushwack.
The town of Kitzbuhel and the Red Bull awards building.
The Kitz
Zielschuss-this is where we decided to break off the trail and go straight up the mountain.
This is going across the Lower Hausberg
Lost in the grass
The Hausberg-This was pretty steep, we were grabbing onto weeds and trying not to slip on the muddy ground.
We made it

And these folks were waiting at the top of the Hausberg laughing at us, thinking we were crazy. We thought they were crazy for hiking in traditional Austrian attire probably wirth a few thousand $$$$
There is usually a Red Bull arch over this turn. My nemesis on this course. I had a good talk with this jump and turn. She said she will treat me well this winter.
Julia practicing for her forerunning attempt this year.
Me dragging Julia up the hill. She was actually a trooper and had no problems.
The Seidlalm-This is as far as we got because it started to rain. But we made another attempt a week later. Did we make it to the Starthaus or not?