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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hiking the Streif Part Two

After Ms. Hoch and I didn't make it to the start haus on our first attempt up the Streif we decided to make our way back a week later. This time it was sunny and perfect for a summit attempt!! haha We had a good summit team that joined Me and Julia, meet Phillip and Nathalie. Phillip was up at 4AM on a hunt then joined us for the hike then went back hunting afterwards and got himself a buck. He is a trooper but he kept forgetting his water bottle which Natalie, Julia and I kept picking up so you owe us some of that Deer jerkey Phillip!
Back at the Seidlalm where we left off.
Then we made it to the Aleschnisse (spelling???) and we took a nice look over the valley and the town of Kitzbuhel. Not too shabby!
We still had a ways to go and we were getting super hot so we took a dip in the snowmaking ponds. Julia lost her bracelet but I used my Bear Grils skills and found it. (Brownie Points!)
After the dip we still had to make it up there.
The team at exit Steilhang, ready for the straight up adventure.
Getting steeper, every time i turned around I was wishing we were back at the ponds!
Then to the Mausefalle, Julia once again showing how she would do it! Coach Steven would say to get your chest down, or you wont be that fast!!!
Almost there! Time for a Nature Valley snack
We made it now its time to go back down. But I think the start lady is distracting me.
But instead of hiking down we took the gondola then jumped into another lake!!!