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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super C!

Just finished the Super C! Im sad to say none of my teammates joined me for the journey but a couple of the coaches, Dane and Mikey, and mega photographer Selko (check out his photos here) made it up there with me.
Heres a couple photos I took from the top. I will try and edit the video footage ASAP. And hopefully get you some skiing footage as well!
Way Down there is Portillo. We ascended 1300M and descended even more. Im guessing 1600 M but I will just say my feet were killing me because I once again wore my race boots. Rookie!
Heres a pretty sweet shot of Aconcogua. The biggest Mountain in the Western Hemisphere. It is one big black rock.

The training has been fantastic thus far. We have had hard, icy conditions but the warm weather is coming, hopefully the snow still freezes at night.