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Monday, August 08, 2011

Last Days of Summer

(sorry about the missing photos, the internet stole them!!! Actually its too slow and wont upload for some reason?? I will get them up there after the trip is done.)

Currently I am in New Zealand getting my training on. It is always weird to go from the sun rising at 5 and setting at 930 at night to rising at 730 and setting at 6??? But while I was home I made the last few days well by cruising up to Flaming Gorge Dam hunting down some fish!

I guess this stretch of river has some of the most fish per mile in North America, and the water is crystal clear!

I caught a few then took a nap on a rock until the clouds came in and started raining on me.

We then met our new friend Dan the Fisherman at the Dam and went for a float trip.

Snagged me a few of these.

Sorry buddy! You will be back in the water soon.

What a beauty.

Thanks Nat for convincing me to cruise up with you.

Thanks Dan for the float trip. If anyone is looking for a great float trip contact Dan at the Flaming Gorge Resort.