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Friday, July 29, 2011

Biking NAPA

Trying to catch up on the blog, going through old pictures. I really enjoyed this trip everyday except for one. Day 1 We started in Napa Valley a headed 110 miles out to the coast. Super fun day, we had a crash 2 minutes into the ride a couple wrong turns and a ton a laughs along the way. By the end of it we were cursing our trainer Alex. The ride didn't feel like 110 miles more like 150.
Not bad early morning scenery.
The big Fish working on his endurance. The kid has power on the flats but rides like he has a parachute on when he hits the mountains.
US Ski Team Train
We had nightly cold baths on the Northern California coast.
After the first night I got sick and couldn't hold down any food. I climbed the first mountain pass then had to hop in the truck go on the saltine diet and sleep it off.
Not a bad place to watch the sunset every night.
We would have a bacchi ball tournament every night.
Followed by Kangroo Court where we would vote on who had to wear the few ridiculous outfits for the next days ride, which included an American flag women's bikini top, ski racing bibs, a horn. The bib smelled pretty bad by the end of the trip.
This was our blind guard dog, Clyde. Yes he was blind and provided much entertainment.
Alex our trainer couldn't get enough of the saddle cream.
The train coming home. We averaged 27 mph during the 100mile ride back! Pretty impressive! The boys definitely improved. We luckily avoided some nasty crashes and finished the trip off with a great dinner at Steven Reads vineyard! Thanks Steven

I forgot why I had to wear this rediciouls bib the last day but I did along with Witt.

Day 1 110miles to the coast
Day 2 (mountains) 50???
Day 3 70
Day 4 50?
Day 5 100 miles back to Napa.
Mileage in question, Alex's mapping???