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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Day of Training in New Zealand

So may wonder what I have been doing in New Zealand for the past month? Well I would wake up at 6 eat some breakfast hop in the car, drive up to Coronet Peak. Then I would do my warm up which usually consisted of some movements, stretching then 3-5 runs of drill skiing really focusing on my movements. Really slowing down my skiing trying to flex my ankles, keep my chest down, stay grounded or rolling my inside ankle; little things that make a big difference.

Then I make my way up to the course and do this 10 times.
Then we reset or change lanes and disciplines and do it again for another 10 runs.

We then make our way down to home, eat some lunch, throw some ice on the old knees and take a nap. Wake up an hour later, motivate for dry land training which usually consists of weight lifting or games. Then to video analysis, dinner, stretch then bed. Repeat that for a month and hopefully you have created some good habits to take you to the top of the podium!