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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hometown Inspiration

Hey Hey!!! The season started off alright. I had some glimpses of greatness at Lake Louise in the training runs by winning one and top ten in the other. Then came the races, I skied well but had a few mistakes. Any minor mistake on a hill like Lake Louise compounds because it is flat and it takes a lot of time to get your speed back up! In the race I lost my foot up top right before a really flat section and I lost 1.3 seconds in that section, but made up one tenth by the time I reached the finish. To cap it off it was -27 decrees C which is around -30 F. For some dumb reason I though I could tough it out and not wear something on my face, which resulted in some bad frost bite and a lot of dead skin over the next week.

Then came Beaver Creek!!! The home turf! It was so exciting to see everyone and have the support of the home crowd! They were ecstatic! My family made it out as well, Ma, Paps, gran Paps, grandma wouldn't come out because she didn't want to get car sick, my bros!, aunties, cousins, and my friends, tyler, chris, and Jenn were there cheering me and my fellow Americans on! I felt their support and it was a huge motivating factor for me! I had the opportunity to go up into the stands during the combi and rial up the crowd! The people loved it! I sensed the kids passion and enjoyment. I took this experience into the next day.

When i woke up in the morning the snow was coming down and I didn't think they would run the race out of the top start but they did. We got it off!

The feeling I had skiing was amazing, I was in incredible balance and flying all the way down! This course was so rough this year and I felt so smooth! When I got to the finish I was .7 ahead and I knew I had a good run, a top 10 probably. Then as the racers came down I kept beating them all until Cuche knocked me into second and then Bode put me into 3rd! I was on the edge, waiting for Walchofer to come down. he was ahead of me then behind then ahead and then he finished a tenth or so behind me!! I was on cloud nine!!! My first podium! Leo Mussi prepared some excellent skis and I did what I needed to do. there was no better situation to do it under. The hometown crowd, first podium, friends and family!!!

Much Love for the support!