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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chilean Boredom

During our day off we spent some good time honing our balance skills.  Rewk has been keeping his eyes out for a place to set up a slack line and yesterday we found our spot.  
In the beginning Mac and Marco were naturals getting it done making their way down the rope.  But for the most part whoever attempted the line had incredibly bad elvis leg.  By the end we were all getting the hang of the rope.  Im proud to say only A team made it to the end of the rope and turned around.  Becko was awarded most improved and Brigham even took a jump back in time and made his way onto the rope.  

Heres Mac staring into the horizon

and this is how you get it done Chilean style.  Ski right down the paved road to your condo, click out of your bindings, toss your skis over your shoulders and make your way to the door. 
I love it.

And to finish things off, the quote of the day comes from Chris Beckman "I like walking in circles.  It's my favorite thing to do."