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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Its a brewin

Theres a big storm a comin!  Tomorrow night it's supposed to dump 3-4 feet of snow.  So were gonna pull some good pow and inter-lodge time.  Something I haven't had in a while.  Last time I was down here it was when Katrina hit the states, at the same time a massive storm hit here of similar size and we received 9 feet+ of snow.  Luckily La Parva has some good terrain to shred around on.  
The storm won't make for good training so were trying to get it in while we can.  Today we trained Super G for the first time.  It was soft but good for the balance.  Then we moved into a GS session.  It is funny how my skiing can change from day to day.  Yesterday I was so balanced and moving well over my skis, then today I looked like a completely different person.  I pin point the problem to being a focus issue.  Yesterday I was so focused and I had a few key reminders for myself when I would ski.  Then today I guess I just figured everything would be habitual and I became lazy.  Then after a couple of bad runs I found my hidden focus and all was good.  
Quote of the day comes from coach of the day Greg Needell, "Dwell on the positive."  haha he's looking forward to the next few days.