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Friday, August 15, 2008

Wind, snow, delays and sledding

The wind is howling outside, the snow is coming down so I am yet to leave the apartment today.  We have logged some good TV time but it seems that the Chileans only want to show their countries tennis hero, Fernando Gonzales over and over again.  The whole match...  I don't understand?  But in between sets they did show some of the 100m qualifying races.  Bolt and Powell are looking fast.  It seems like they are coasting into the finals.  With a 9.92 time and they are only running 50m then jogging to the finish.  It is impressive to watch Bolt run the race because he has a 6'5", 198cm body.  All the other guys are under 6' it seems.  The power they produce and the explosiveness is incredible.  I asked Per, our trainer, what he thinks I could run the 100m in 13 seconds.  NOT TOO SHABBY for a tall white guy!  Actually thats horrible.

Here some shots we took last night of the city.  This is a rare site due to the pollution.  Ghost Stevens

Heres Hans claiming his SG training title.

Now I think I will go sledding