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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

vids vids vids

I guess I have been in the video making mode.  Here is a new one of todays Super G and one of my wild Downhill rides.  I also added some slow mo vid from DH.  check out my leg muscles moving when I hit the bumps.  It is incredible what skiing puts them through.  
The SG has been going really well.  My movement with the terrain has been  really good.  I can improve on the steeps though.  I still have trouble linking up the whole pitch.  It is funny, I have always been really good when it comes to terrain but when I am on a steep, open, consistent pitch (which luckily is rarely on the World Cup) I have a little trouble.   The pitch has been the focus of my camp.  Im trying to generate consistent movements which is coming along.  I will dial 3 turns then get going too fast or not move with the turn well enough and botch one.  
Sorry if you don't understand what Im talking about but my Dad was wondering so this Blog is dedicated to him.  
Hope all's good Pops