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Friday, September 05, 2008

Snow year round

Last Saturday, Aug 31,I went and saw Bob Dylan in the middle of a massive rain storm.  I have never been a huge Bob Dylan fan but he's a legend so I had to see him.  Honestly I didn't understand a single song of his until the encore, when he sang, How Does It Feel (if that's even the title).  As the night set in I could start seeing my breath and I thought it was going to snow.  To my surprise I woke up to snow in the mountains of the Wasatch.  So that means it snowed Aug 31, and Sept 1.  Which only leaves the month of July as the only snowless month thus far in 2008.  Global warming?  Erik Fisher put it best, "As long as its cold enough to snow it is good enough for me."  
I'm stoked to get back skiing.  I leave back to Chile in a little over a week.  Right now we are getting some good dry land training under our belts.  Marco is in town, it is always good to have another person in the gym to feed off of.  I also have Fish living at my house and Becko is coming in a couple of days.  
 Here's a pic of Mr. Bob doing what he does best.  
Under a tarp