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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dew Tour & Back in Portillo

Becky, Fish and Crystal joined me
Dropping Mr. Jones
Spinner no hander
When Fish stays over this is what I wake up to.  Imagine getting a roundhouse kick to the face by this guy.
Blance and Me are VIPs
Tail whips never get old
Two weekends ago the Dew tour took over Salt Lake and I was fortunate enough to go.  POC hooked my brother and I up with some Athlete passes and we could roam pretty much anywhere.  I tried to see everything I could Moto X, BMX dirt, park and pipe and Skate Park and Pipe.  
Blake (my Brother) and I made our way up to the top of the Moto X drop in tower and had the best view in the house.  These guys were impressive, all the backflip variations, 360s and the classic tail whip.  Tail whips can never get old.  I don't know how the swing the bike around like they do.  When I ride I freak out the moment the bike gets in the air.  I am more of a dirt bike tourist, riding trails through the mountains.  
What I don't understand is the judging aspect.  I guess thats the way you have to do it, but I don't understand that the only guy throwing 360s in the group ends up 4th?  No offense to the athletes but I think it is like WWF, the judges are giving scores to help ratings for the whole tour.  They want it to be a competition to the end.  All of the athletes are incredible riders and the competition is so close that thats the way they have to do it.  
I got the feeling that this doesn't happen in BMX and Skate though.  there are a couple of guys that were standouts in the competitions.  Daniel Diheres and Mike Spinner dominated the BMX park field.  I swear Daniel threw a 720 can can tailwhip? But I think it was just a 720 can can, it was nuts!  I couldn't even make sense of what I saw but he nailed it, taking the win from Mike who was a spinning machine.  
As for the skate scene Ryan Sheckler and Chaz Ortiz were the dominators.  The cool thing is Chaz was only 14.  These two dueled it to the end where Ryan took the win but Chaz took the Jam Session.
Right now I'm in Portillo with the whole team getting in some good DH.  So far it has been great.  We have had hard snow and great training.  Something I have been wanting all summer. Tommorw is our day off and we have a frisbee golf game planned from Tio Bobs back down to the hotel.