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Friday, September 19, 2008

Cutting through the wind

I left for Chile on Wednesday but before I could make the full journey down to Portillo we stopped in Buffalo to log in a little wind tunnel time.  The US Ski Team has been collaborating with Mike Holden for years, perfecting our aerodynamics.  Sir Michael Holden is a genius.  He probably is actually a Sir, this guy is full of knowledge.  Basically all the aerodynamics work he does is top secret NASA, military work but he decided to build the tunnel we use on the side.  It reaches speeds up to 120 mph, we were running around 80 mph.  Bobsled, Luge and ski teams have been coming here for years finding ways to eliminate resistance, cut time and make speed.
Our crew consisted of Scotty Mac, Marco (O)Sullivan, Ted Shred, the Warhorse Andrew Weibrecht, Mr. Chris Brigham and Myself.  We would take turns honing our skills and testing equipment while Brigham monitored us, taking down notes and talking to the guru, Mike.  Mike was impressive because right when we got into the tunnel he would critique us and put into the most aerodynamic position.  He had quite the eye.  I took a few pics, enjoy.  


Killin time