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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pine Creek 08

For Labor Day weekend a few friends and I made our way down to Zion to climb Pine Creek slot canyon. The hike is a fairly short distance but you are constantly hiking through canyons where you can touch both walls with each hand. There are seven rappels and lots of wading in cold pools of water.
One of the coolest things about the hike was who I was able to hike with. Will Price is his name and he is 77 years old. This guy was a trooper, he is a friend of my friend Bob Bills, who was our guide through the canyon. Bob claims, Will is still a shredder on skis but Will says he isn't.  I believe Bob.  He moved here from San Francisco because he hated driving for 4 hours to ski in Tahoe.  He even races in the local Alta town races.   I was impressed watching him hike and rappel down the final 110 ft. rappel.  
I promised you some fo the photos from Chile so here they are along with some from Pine Creek.
Plenty of snow
Local shredder
Flying Fish
Basking Becko
On top of the chimney chute before descent
Bryan and Blake Freezing
Will dropping on the final rappel