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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Selko Photo

Jonathan "Selko"  Selkowitz is the man.  He has been touring with us since I have been on the team.  He was with us on our last trip to Portillo and as usual his eye found some good shots.  You can find his work at his site Selkophoto.com.
He has been the ski team for years in all of the disciplines.  Its Pretty cool to have him around and brainstorm with him about new angles interesting shots.  In the Condor Cup GS race he placed himself right in the fall zone of one of the gates and Jimmy Cochran leaned in and slid right into him.  Selko got a sequence of jimmy falling then took the camera away from his eye and jumped over Jim as he almost took him out.  What was even more impressive was Selko was wearing ski boots during the whole thing.  
Good Job Selko