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Monday, October 13, 2008

Get Well Mikey

I met Mike at my Chiropractors office a few months ago.  He walked through the door looking all haggard in his tight holey pants, long nappy hair and an old stained trucker hat.  The moment I saw him I said to myself he's famous, theres no other reason he would be in that office.  Well it turned out he was the arguably the best BMX rider in the world.  I got to know him through the Dr Buhlers (the chiropractor) then I kept running into him around SLC.  Mike is a really good dude, heres proof. After receiving some of my chiros voo doo magic Mike went on to win the Dew Tour event in SLC.  He rarely competes but when he does he amazes people.  After winning the event the Utah commission issued Mike a check for 10 G's.  He gave the whole check to Stephen Murray, a fellow BMXer who was paralyzed in a crash a year earlier.  A month later Mike was in a severe BMX accident. He suffered severe head trauma and was in a coma for several days. The medical bills are enormous. Mike is a professional rider and in his line of work he is not eligible for health insurance. They claim he is "too high risk." Mike has contacted numerous insurance offices and has been denied by all.  But you can help Mike and his family through this tough situation.  Mike is a husband and father and in need of your help.  

Thank you so much. 
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