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Sunday, May 03, 2009


OBX is the outer banks in North Carolina.  It is a thin strip of land running a ways off the coast of North Carolina.  It is mostly made up of sand dunes and swamps.  POC put together an end of the season trip there this past week and it was an awesome time.  The outer banks is awesome!  You have surf on the ocean side and flat water on the sound side.  ost water activities are available to you there.  My activity of choice is Kiteboarding but since my knee is was bugging me I had to behave and I couldn't go all out.  I did get test the knee out and it is still tender.  

So I taught people how to fly kites
Which isn't that fun but better than nothing.
Getting picked up at the airport
My catch on the second fishing day. 
Fish and I with our Mahi Mahis!  Erin Sullivan and Chrystal joining in for the ride.  
out in the gulf, saw some sharks, flying fish, some blob fish thing and all kinds of stuff.  The ocean is nuts how much life is in it.  
Fish and I met Blake and Dave at a fundraiser we had in Colorado in the fall.  They are fellow ski racers from North Carolina!  I didnt even know if it snowed there.  Blake is also a pro king fisherman and he heard we were headed down to his neck of the woods so he took us out.  Thanks Blake and Dave for the good time.  
Me Erin and Chris Tatsuno

Me at sunset.  Every night we got to enjoy this.  

Gracias to POC for the great week and I hope they enjoy the next week without us kids pestering them.