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Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Amazing Happens

One of the best things about the playoffs is watching Charles Barkley.  This guy is too funny.  He can barely speak, every word is a tongue twister for him.  He's always laughing having a good time and he's not only poking fun at other people but he is poking fun at himself.  He always says "I can't believe we get paid for this." 
Check out the barkley zone on NBA.com.  I was recently asked what TV shows I would like to be on and I forgot this one.  This would be the show of my choice.  NBA on TNT!
I do enjoy seeing the athleticism of the NBA.  Of all the major sports I think this shows the most athleticism.  Lebron is nuts, Kobe is dangerous when he's pissed, the Celts are holding it together by a thread, there's a lot of drama in these playoffs.